Hello my Lil Spicer's!

Hello my Lil Spicer's!

Hello my Lil Spicer's,

     1st I would like to welcome you all to Spicy Lil Biitch LLC & thank you for choosing us!

True story...I was contemplating for quite some time on a cute name to call you guys. Then it hit me...LIL SPICER'S. I love the meaning of the word SPICER.

Spicer: 1. one who seasons with spice.

             2. That which adds spice or (figurative) excitement.

OMG that's so cute in my opinion! This is how I view each & every one of you. To me you guys are people who season with SPICE & EXCITEMENT! I LOVE THIS! I especially love that you chose Spicy Lil Biitch to spice up your dish. Nothing brings us more pleasure then to help you enhance your dish.

In conclusion, I look forward to hearing from my Lil Spicer's soon. Please don't forget to stop by our online store & refer a friend to https:spicylilbiitch.com


                                                           Sincerely, Spicy Lil Biitch LLC

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